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  1. Sup EmpireMinecraft.
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  2. Why in the world is the title Death??
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  3. to attract attention.

    Welcome to EMC, Seanskills!
  4. Ok, but it seems like he just joined and he is promoting everyone here to death. Jk
  5. Welcome to the Empire!
    And my response to the title of this thread?
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  6. Yep, and you did it right because death has no capitals and LIFE has all capitals.

    PS: Imma perfectionest.
  7. Welcome to EMC. Be sure to read the Empire Guide if you haven't already. It has plenty of information in it.
  8. lols.

    He did it for teh lols xD
  9. You don't say.

    EDIT: I would use the meme but I can't cuz I'm on a iPad. :/
  10. OH NOES! Im gonna die! :eek:
  11. He's a red creeper. He is prepared to eff some shizzle up, most of all life.
    Hence the title.
  12. Omg omg omg omg were all gonna die! EVERY MAN/CREEPER FOR HIMSELF!
  13. Welcome to Empire Minecraft though, hope ya have a wonderful time!