Dear JustinGuy- Since You Won't Take PM's...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheMeeper, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Hey JustinGuy!

    I realize that you're not accepting private messages "supposedly" anymore, but I'd like to try to see if I can get ahold of you. I am a very goos architect- not only in the eyes of myself but in the eyes of other. I was recently looking at your residence, and while I admit it is vast.... It's kind of....well.... meh. It's a sandstone pyramid for the love of Herobrine! Don't you think the guy who runs the biggest cahin-server in Minecraft deserve a bit better of a residence? Personally I think what would be cool, would be a museum showcasing things from EmpireMinecraft history. Like putting the "1st Block" dug from each server on display. "Now showing the first dirt dug up on Server 1!" Plus you could have other stuff such as blocks from famous shops..... so on, os forth. Anywho, I was just wondering if you were.... uhh.... looking for an architect :D? I'd be more than willing to build such a thing for you, and all of course for a reasonable price. If you did you'll get a being-godly-discount, but that is all aside the fact that I think you could use a new residence.... and I would be the guy you'd want.

    With Love,
  2. This would be boss if you could do it on your own. I really don't think he wants anything done to it. A nostalgia thing, the pyramid says "Wow, this is when the first server was here."
  3. I "CAN" do it on my own- it's his decision....
  4. Go on SMP7, type /v 14023, then look to your North. See that giant obsidian box? Justin is currently constructing his Empire Palace inside that box. After it is unveiled, you will probably be embarrassed and wish to retract your offer to help Justin build. At least I hope you will so that I won't look like a complete fool having written this.

    [edit] I'd actually never been there before, but I just visited and rather liked it. I even slept in his bed. Then a chicken was stuck in the ladderwell to the spawn along with one of its eggs. I was able to get the chicken out by throwing its egg at it.
  5. I think this post was actually a small insult. I love this res and love visiting it.
  6. i love his secret room and secret exit to spawn incase something happens :p
  7. But fair play to the guy for wanting to help justin
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  8. I was just their it is so fun to just look around.
  9. This made me laugh so hard!

    The reason he has that pyramid is probably because he first built it wen EMC was only a few servers. He and others came together to make the Empire and it could have been the very first thing he built and so it means something to him.

    So don't give him grief for not making a fancy smancy 43 story multicolored wool tower or dirt mansion.
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  10. "Dear Justin, I know you won't take PM's, but I was just wondering if you would respond to a thread..."
  11. hes not online
  12. Justin's favourite block in minecraft is sandstone, which is why it is used pretty extensively throughout empire.
    I am hoping his mansion will be done in time for EMC's first birthday, maybe he could hold a housewarming party there when it is done.

    His pyramid is like the Egyptian ones, it exists from a time gone by, when the world/server was a much smaller place (in global communication/society terms, i do realize Earth hasn't officially changed size since then :p ). I imagine EMC would have been a private server for a few friends from GameKrib when it was created. :)
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  13. when I read this I thought:who would want to get rid of this
  14. I love JustinGuys res! Sandstone is my fav block behind glass. I love how he put all the tele porters around that teleport you around randomly. I also lave how there are chickens walking around pointlessly. I think he should make a museum for the empire in the empire palace. That would be cool.
  15. Edmund Wayne- I, honestly, am willing to take my building skills up against anyone on the server. While I might look worse, I still have an architectual capacity that, no offense, curb stomps every cobble and leaf walls in these servers. I can't tell you how many residences look pathetic with cobble cubes, or no structure.... So yes- I might look like a fool, but at least a damn good building fool.
  16. Wo
    Them be fighting words.......
  17. Well I think out of all this nonsense about wrecking justins res that the keeper shouldn't sign his post
    Love keeper just don't we can see your name
  18. Have at you! My res contains quite a bit of cobble :mad:
    You are very confident about your building skills and i'm looking forward to viewing your work.
  19. Yeah, I can see that from all the prizes and awards you've won in all those countless building contests.
  20. First of all
    There are PLENTY of amazing structures out there made of "Cobble an leafs" and just because you build out of "better" or "higher quality materials I.E NOT cobble leaf etc..... Doesn't mean others don't have building skills this doesn't mean that because I make a res out of diamond blocks I am the best builder ever it simply means that that is what I prefer to build with, it is the same with cobblestone or dirt or even normal stone it is just what that person prefers to build with it doesn't make them a bad builder it just means that is what they like to build with......
    IN ADDITION who asked for your opinion on these "structure less" buildings this server is meant for others to express their creativity how THEY see fit NOT get judged by people like you who think they are better because they use "nicer" materials
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