Dear Aikar 2.0

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  1. Dear Aikar,
    We know you have to work and code, and playing Minecraft can get real old, but we know you try to do your best with EMC, work and all the rest. We all want 1.7 real quick, but lots of bugs have no quick fix. I'll ask you now to take your time, while I deliver this terrible rhyme. You've made EMC what it is today and although some people have gone away, we know EMC is here to stay :)
    I thank you and the staff for all your hard work, making EMC an awesome place to play, and dont you worry, when Melk comes back, he's back to stay ;)

    (Terrible rhyme, I know, but just in the mood to write somthing)
    Thanks to all the staff for helping keep this server alive for so long and keeping it clean. I know some people can be real mean. I know what you're think, "weren't the rhymes done?", but no my friends I've only just begun...
  2. Where is Melk going in the mean time D:
  3. You've just saved your own behind melk. Get on.
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  4. In the mood for sinterklaas? :p
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  5. Good Old Pie....
  6. Oh, and I've just taken a break from gaming in general...
  7. Melk! :)
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  8. Terry!
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  9. boi u did no just call me old
  10. Well I don't know how old you are, could be 13-60 as far as I know.
  11. Much better than bricks. His was just a begging for a follow...
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  12. Come back soon, Melk! :)
  13. Sad to see you taking a break. Come back soon! Although I didn't know you, my friends did and they liked you and you are pretty cool in general.
  14. Haha, thanks buddy :D But this was more focused on
    Haha, I'm assuming there's more to it than that...
  15. 12 or 13 as far as I know
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  16. I am over 9000.
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  17. HEY! I was joking. now everyday, aikar will see I have followed him.
    ;3 I can be sassy too Mr. Clock.
    Anyways, we shall all start a fan club of writing letters to people in the public next one; "Dear Maxarias and your love of fire"
  18. since when am i sassy >_>