Deadpool Test Footage <_<

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  1. Does anyone else here like Deadpool? Were you also offended by laserbeam eyed Deadpool from X-Men Oranges: Tangerine? Well lay your eyes upon this leaked test footage and cry no more!

    Warning, this video may or may not end up taken off of Youtube. Also, please help the effort to try to get this trending on Twitter by tweeting #DeadpoolMovie and #Deadpool :)


  2. More information; this is video test footage that was leaked 1-2 days ago from 2012. They've really been on the fence about making this movie for quite some time, as you can see.
  3. It needs to be a thing! We need more movies like this.
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  4. Sorry for the double post :)
    They have a Deadpool game, why not a movie. Usually, not always, but usually there is a movie, then a game.
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  5. Deadpool really needs a movie, he's just too funny to not give him a movie. :D
    #Deadpoolmovie! :p
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  6. I would love a Deadpool movie, as long as they don't make it 'suitable for children' like other comic book characters. And also I want mass amounts of fourth wall breakery, because that's one of the things I like most about Deadpool alongside his swearing, humor and stuff :p
  7. I just love how incredibly stupid he is :p
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  8. I'd say more insane than stupid.

    The comics always make me giggle, but yeah. He's not suitable for children at any point.
  9. I would enjoy a movie after seeing the trailer, but I did think he was Spiderman at first :confused:
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  10. In some of the comics, he stole Spidey's web shooter and passerby's would be all like "Whoa ninja spider-man!"
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  11. Yup, the video is gone :)
  12. One of the problems I've heard people saying about it is what it should be rated. Some people said R because of the violence and language, but others were saying pg-13, as it could end up being a topic of one of the probable many 4th wall breaks. going something like this.

    thug: What the f---
    Deadpool: Hold on! be careful pal, you almost used one of our swears! we are only allowed 1 per movie!
    thug: *starts shooting at deadpoool or something *
    deadpool: (censored).
    deadpool: ??? ooooh I see now...

    or something along the lines of that