De-Extinction: Your thoughts?

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  1. So, I seen several articles on de-extinction a few weeks ago, and just came across this on Tumblr:

    What are your thoughts on bringing back Woolly Mammoths, Wooly Rhinos and other extinct species back from the dead? I find this pretty interesting, BUT:
    What would we do with them? What would they do to our current ecosystems? Where would they go? Would they suffer the same fate due to climate?

    Also: No dinosaurs.
    We're years off bringing them back to life as we have no tissue samples of them... Other than some skin off a T.Rex.
  2. I'm just scared incase they try to bring some Neanderthal/Austroplicithins (however the hell you spell it) and they go mental at us and beat us down with rocks.. Or if they do manage to de-extinct raptors and such and they kill us all because we can't control them.
  3. Well, I'm against the resurrecting of races that Earth has evolved away from, as it could cause a major disruption in the ecosystem. I am, however, okay with the resurrection/cloning of species that are recently extinct or endangered to help prevent an eco-collapse.
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  4. I think we should only bring back species that recently went extinct or things that have gone extinct because of over hunting/fishing.
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  5. Bring back Dodo birds! If not screw the de-extinction!
  6. They plan to do that when they get a better understanding on how to replicate Ice Age embryos.
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  7. I say no to de-extiction. After an animal dies out, it should STAY dead, in my opinion.
  8. What if WE killed it? Like the Thylacine (A.K.A Tasmanian Wolf). It would still be alive if we didn't poach it.
  9. I believe de-extinct animals should stay in captivity, as a reminder of what humans have done to tarnish the Earth.
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  10. Well ... I read that current scientific theory understands that Neanderthals possessed larger brains than today's humans do; as I understand it, a larger brain correlates well with higher intelligence. Perhaps, primitive though they were, Neanderthal men and women would have a greater capacity for learning than we do now... and they would also be some seriously good landscapers XD

    All speculation on my part, but hey. And, no dinosaurs?! We may be years off, but can't I dream of the day I can have a domesticated pterodactyl?!
  11. The half-lie of DNA (recently discovered in Australia, I believe) would render DNA useless after 6.8 million years, dinosaurs were 65 million...
  12. They had bigger brains because they had bigger skulls. However, brain size just helps with cortex size and power. Neanderthal Cortexes where mainly focused around sights and smells, not thinking and good decisions like today's humans.
  13. Clive Palmer... That is all.
  14. half-life*
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  15. It's not the size of the brain that matters, Einstein's was smaller than the average size, it's the density.
  16. E.G:
    Tyrannosaurus Rex's brain was MUCH, much bigger than a human's. Was it smarter? No, it wasn't. Its brain was mostly for sights and smells.
    Velociraptor, on the other hand was smart. Possibly as smart as people, maybe even smarter. If we locked them up in a cage, they would probably find a way out within 5 minutes (humans would plead for a way out and make things worse for themselves). Their brains were quite dense.
  17. I think de-extinction could be a good idea. However I think they should not bring back animals that died out due to natural selection. I do see the pros of bringing back those that we as humans destroyed single handed. They were not a product of natural selection but of our own greed and stupidity.
    And dinosaurs, just no. We've all seen Jurassic Park. I don't want no dinosaurs eating me off the toilet thank you.
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  18. I think if we ever managed to de-extinct Dinosaurs it should just be one for each species to study their behaviour etc.

    Then when they become dangerous/big enough to kill they are put down.

    I'm actually rethinking this. Six websites have said its brain was smaller than a newborn kitten's but by cretaceous standards it was quite large.
    Four documentaries have told me its brain was bigger than a human's... I'm confused.