DC of Stone

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  1. for all ya stone related needs
    minimum bid 500r
    increment 200r
    ends in 24 hours
  2. Invalid Auction please contact a staff member to fix it.
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  3. Why? What's wrong with it?
  4. Actually, I just noticed I won with this bid, as this was the last bid in the 24 hours. I'll pay you tomorrow/when picking up. Please setup an access chest for me on your/a residence. :) if that happens to be smp2, please give the chest access to the name "TomvanWijnen2", as this account is far in the wild there.

    Thanks. :)
  5. Tittle Needs to have [Auction] in it and i believe it needs to have a pick up location :p just as a heads up for next time
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  6. Its smp5 my res will set it up tomorrow morning
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  7. Who cares about the {auction] thingy :p I don't think it's a necessity, but it usually is a good thing.

    As for the pick up location, mamy auctions lack this information, and I personally don't care too much about it :p (I do add it in my own auctions, though :p)
  8. Awesome, perfect, I'll pay when picking up then. :)
  9. Ok
  10. can you set up a double chest at your res as my chests are not letting me type your name for access
  11. I've setup a chest for you at 859, smp1. :)
  12. Okay will deliver when I get on