DC of S.W.A.G Swords (Gold swords)! #1

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  1. Double chest of S.W.A.G swords!
    they have small enchants on them

    Caution starting bid: 100r
    minimum increase: 10r
    maximum increase: 500r

    Have FUN!
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  2. Please list all the enchants in a list, you have to do that. :)

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  3. there is a lot ...:(
    one sec
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  4. what like a list of them or pictures?
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  5. Enchant list:
    Sharpness I: x 10
    Bane I: x 5
    Smite I: x 5
    Knockback I: x 10
    Smite II: x 4
    Fire aspect I: x 3
    Knockback I Bane I: x 7
    Sharpness II: x 4
    Sharpness I Knockback I: x 5
    Band II: 1
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  6. whats "Band II" did you mean bane?
  7. bane 2
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  8. Calm down. The swag level here is stable, our health and well being is assured as of now. It wasa close one though.
  9. 800R, also:
    DANGER: SWAG Levels are unsustainable.
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  10. 900
    Gwas. There. Swag levels decreased.
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