DC of Peony

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  1. DC of Peony
    Start at 5,000r
    100r Min Increase
    Auction Ends 36 hours after final bid.
  2. how on earth have you gathered that much already?! :)
  3. Speed potions and rootbeer.
  4. haha, you noticed the unloaded chunks in the old update are now creating world really jagged and like shear horizontal planed biomes?
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  5. Yes.
  6. Bump for sky
  7. Bump Worth way motr
  8. For 6k you can get a double chest of the newest flowers in the game! (Bump)
  9. Dem peonies
  10. Does nobody want the first ever DC of auctioned of Peonys???
  11. Sorry for early bump. Can somebody please bid. This is worth way more!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.