DC of Nether quartz

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Should I do a DC of shugar cane, a DC of neither warts (stalk), or none of the above

DC of sugar cane 1 vote(s) 12.5%
DC of neither warts (stalk) 2 vote(s) 25.0%
None of the above 5 vote(s) 62.5%
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  1. Hi everyone. I am doing a action for a DC of nether quarts.

    Starting bid. 5000r

    Minimum bid increase 100r

    Bid ends 48 hours after final bid

    Pick it up at my res (kiddkool785) on SMP 2

    And this is my first bid so I am still not shore how to post a screenshot. Sorry. And tell me if I am missing anything.
  2. Wow 5 seconds after I post it XD
  3. Invalid bid teethgrinder
  4. Yes ben3400 that is a Invalid bid teethgrinder
  5. How? works in monopoly
  6. I typed "Minimum bid increase 100r"
  7. Ok, first lets keep "BUMP"'s to every 3 hours, its not the word "BUMP" its anything that brings this post up :). Any way I bid 7k
  8. 10k to 100k…. that escalated quickly
  9. Wow. Yeah I'm out for sure :D
  10. Kaizimir I am pretty sure you won
  11. Ya I will have the nether quartz outside my house after I get the money.
  12. This wasn't blocks was it?
  13. By now I think I won :) I really hope this is blocks, because otherwise it should have stated 'ore' or 'flakes'. Please can you clarify, KiddKool785.
  14. It was not blocks
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