DC of Blaze Rods!

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  1. Item : Double Chest of Blaze Rods
    Starting Bid : 10k [10,000 Rupee's]
    Minimum Bid increment : 100r
    ENDS : 24 Hours After last Valid Bid
    Pick-Up : /v 4090 on smp2 [My first Res]

    Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.39.26 PM.png

    No complaining about 10k as a starting bid!
    It was very hard to get a DC of blaze rods...
    Have fun bidding! ~Cakemaster0702~
  2. You may only bump your auction thread once every three hours. :)
  3. If you are already expecting people to complain about the starting bid, its a good indication that it is too high, regardless of how much effort you put into collecting them.
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  4. I didn't know if people were going to comment or not, so i just put it out there :)
  5. And sorry about the bumping issue, i didn't know about that lol
  6. and btw, whats that texture pack called? id be interested!
  7. Luckylollie222 you have one the auction for 14k!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.