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  1. Today I got the standalone version of DayZ and I have encountered a problem, I am bored by it. The problem isn't the game it's the fact that I have no one to play with. So I was wondering if anyone else has it or is interested in getting it. If you do add me on Steam at R-R fluffinator09.

    Side Note: A GREAT advantage to playing with me is that I can read Russian, so it will greatly help our navigation :)

    Any questions, comments, or telling me you are interested please post below :D
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  2. What do you mean by "Standalone Version"?
  3. It was a mod for ARMA 2 and now it's Stand Alone, it's its own game now.
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  4. Keep in mind that the game JUST came out in ALPHA. We're not even at the point of beta testing yet. There is minimal content with a very easy meta game. It'll get better but now they're just patching bugs and adding in the rest of the guns that they've already programmed in. Still a very fun game IMO. Add me if you want on steam.
  5. im consitering getting it, my IGN is spidey329,
    or Little_Jim_Slade
  6. It's too expensive, it's too buggy, and I can't even get Operation Arrowhead to work so I can play the mod version - which is what I bought the game for (which by the way, has terrible controls and the only fun you can get out of it is DayZ and the level creator)
  7. Well it is only in it's very first week of Alpha, it wouldn't be very fair to judge it based on how it is now.
  8. did you download dayz commander?
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  9. Don't worry, i'm not :p I probably won't buy it in it's current state, though.
    It's not the mod, it's the actual EP I think. Although, I will try DayZ commander now...
  10. I've been messing around with this for about an hour now, and i'm getting an error that says "Bad Serial given on Startup". I've tried all the solutions I could find, but none of them work :/
  11. I just bought like 3 days ago, and yes im bored since i have noone to play with aswell. learning the ropes solo is a bit frustrating.

    PM me if you are interested and would like a newbie playing along
  12. hm, i didnt get that so i dont know, maybe ask someone on the steam forms
  13. I don't have it yet however when I do get it I'd really like to play with you fluffinator... I'm just hoping for it to go on even a small sale! I've added you on Steam ;)
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  14. Keep in mind guys that so far theres been 4 or 5 patches so far. They're patching very quickly and removing bugs and adding features. For those hoping for a lower price, I'm sorry to say but Rocket already confirmed via his twitter that the price will only go up because of the Bohemia wanting it that way. He announced it wouldn't go on for the steam sale and it won't be on sale in Alpha state. He actually encourages that people don't buy it unless you've played the original Day Z and are used to the clunkiness. I can say that I'm pretty positive though that $30 is going to be the absolute lowest price we'll see this game through at least the second or third quarter of 2014, where the price will go up and it MAY go on sale for lower than $30. Also some back up reasoning for this is that Bohemia has sold more copies of Day Z Standalone than they have of Arma 2 and it's only Day Z's second or third week in beta. If you guys want to watch a good Day Z stream that I personally support check out . He's pretty funny and does some giveaways sponsored by Logitech (he also does some game giveaways out of his own pocket (I won last weeks subscriber giveaway, won G930's :D)).
  15. After god knows how many hours I finally got DayZ working. But I get 1FPS even on 'very low' graphics, but I can run ARMA II just fine on 'Medium' :(

  16. Like I said in posts above, the game is still being optimized. You bought a game in ALPHA. First comes Alpha, than comes Beta, than comes release. Framerate is something they've been trying to optimize since Pre Alpha, it will get fixed, I'm certain of it. But anyways, here's a temporary fix.
    It worked just fine for me, gave me an extra 5-10 depending where I am in game. Cherno and Elektro are obv going to be lower framerates.
  17. Keep in mind, i'm using the mod :p
  18. Ah, I wouldn't expect more FPS from Stand Alone than lol. :p
  19. If you see me on feel free to message me and I'll try and respond!
  20. If anyone is currently on, I am as well and am about to get a fresh start!