DAY OF WAR (Roleplay)

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  1. Hey people of EMC, I am making a new roleplay game on the forums. Its not like the other one I had, which the point was to become the most advanced nation, but in this one, the game is in war, which starts the second war is declared by a nation on another one. This is a REAL world war, as it can take place anywhere. Now, for some rules.

    1. NATIONS MUST BE REAL: There are 193 countries *At least ones part of the UN* so don't say you can't think of one.
    2. NO RAY WEAPONS: Just like my last game. No ray weapons are EVER allowed. This includes doomsday devices.
    3. NUCLEAR WEAPONS CAN ONLY DAMAGE A CITY* You can not blow up a nation with one nuclear bomb. All nuclear bombs can only damage one city.
    4. NO GOD MODE: Other than me, as I control the game
    5. VICTORIES/DEFEATS ARE NOT MADE BY A PLAYER: They are made by me, which will be explained later.
    Now, for explaining how the game works

    1. Declaring war: To Declare war, you must post saying that you want to attack someone, and give a reason. The reason is to ensure that no one goes over to top at the very start. You may only be at war with one nation at a time. if the reason is good, I will allow it. If you declare war on someone, and they declare war back, you are automatically in war, as both of you want each other dead.

    2. Victories: To defeat another nation, you must capture all 5 of their main cities that they listed. Once that is done, you have won, and have taken control of that nation, but they still have a chance..

    3. Defeat: If you lose, your nation is taken over, but you CAN still play it. You will become a free force, an example of this is the Free French Forces in WW2. The goal of this is to take back power of your nation, by capturing the cities again. Once done, you are back to normal play. You will, however, have no government control during the period.

    4. Retreats/Surrenders: If you surrender when a nation is attacking a city, they automatically gain control of that city. You can also surrender your nation, which will automatically give the attacking force your nation, and turn you into a Free Force. If you retreat when attacking someone, all process in taking that city will be lost. If you retreat when defending a city, that city will be lost.

    N0w, for the application.

    This is mine

    Nation: Canada
    Army size: 1 Million
    Five main cities: (Must be in your nation in real life) Ottawa, Yellowknife: Vancouver, Regina,


    1. No nation may have more than 5 nuclear weapons at a time

    Anything else will be posted under notes

    TLDR Don't play if you didn't read it all.

    That's all, now, lets start!
  2. SPAIN! :p
    Nation: Spain
    Army size: 250,000
    Five main cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Santiago and Sevilla.
  3. Ok..... And the rest of it is where....
  4. There. :rolleyes:
  5. Your in
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  6. Spain celebrates a fiesta.
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  7. Come on, lets start this
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  8. How.
  9. ....
    By having more people JOIN...
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  10. Hey, join this thread! It will be funny!
  11. Russia.
    1.5 Million
    Moscow, Samara, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Kalingrad.
  12. The rest of it?

  13. Canada begins work on a new summer field uniform for the army.
  14. United States
    2 billion
    Chicago, Washington D.C, Seattle, Raleigh,Atwater
  15. Russia sends proposition of a military pact to the United States.
  16. Canada wants you to change your army pop and take this seriously.
  17. Limit is 5 million...
  18. PLEASE PEOPLE, either play or have something to do with this, or don't annoy me with posts that have nothing to do with this.
  19. Well, well, well, it appears someone is serious.
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  20. This should be correct…
    2 million.
    Paris, Cannes, Nice, Orléans, Versailles.