Darkwood Stables Moving Closeout!

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    Hey there! This is jlbesq from Darkwood Stables! It's our Moving Day Closeout Sale! Here at jlbesq's Darkwood Stables, at /smp6 13162! I've got a lot of the finest-runnin' little horses at prices even YOU can afford, down at Darkwood Stables at /v +dws on /smp6! Starting at 12:00 noon Pacific time, I'm opening the original Darkwood Stables lot for one final blowout sale! I've got solid black and solid white horses with a range of attributes, I have race horses, adventuring horses, even mules and donkeys, all at one-time-only discount prices - some as low as ONE RUPEE!

    But wait, there's more! The first twelve (12) customers to buy a horse at over 49 rupees receive a FREE saddle! So come on down to Darkwood Stables on /smp6, 12:00 noon Pacific time (approximately 90 minutes from posting), and take advantage of these one-time-only prices. First come, first serve -- supplies cannot possibly last!
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  2. The sale has begun! Come on by and see what's available!
  3. Sounds very cool, but unfortunately I won't be able to come online! :)