Darkness Rises... (RolePlay)

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    I really do not see the point... Fighting the Darkness, that is.
    Why do we struggle in such an endless monotone against something
    that you cannot prevail against.
    - Doctor Gorgobit

    We fight because we have to. Without Light we have nothing.
    We are nothing.
    But with it we are something. We are good.
    - Jack Terran

    Seven years ago, the Nether spewed out something much more terrible
    than the ghasts, or blazemen it had before.
    It gave birth to the a race of men we call Brorobaks.
    They are cruel slavers who have come to harness the souls
    of men to do their bidding. They thrive on pain and suffering, much of which
    is their own doing.
    Your mission is to defeat them, as you are one of the last free surviving members of the human race. Using your wits and weapons around you, combined with the help of your fellow survivors you must find a way to defeat

    these madmen, and free the human race...


    1) No Godmodding

    2) No Super Weapons

    3) You have limited resources (most of which I specify)

    4) You are not allowed to control others

    5) You can not promote yourselves

    6) You may only carry two weapons at a time

    7) The exceptions to the previous rule are melee weapons and pistols (ONLY ONE)

    8) The only person who my overrule me is a nonparticipating moderator

    9) HAVE FUN


    Main Weapon:


    The land of Moroak, with present day technology.

    The game will take place in a Moroak-version of New York.

  2. ((I feel that I have missed something))
  3. Oh my god, my eyes burn. I cannot even read that. Please change your text color.
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  4. did you draw that yourself?
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  6. Why did I not think of that... I need more sleep.

    Name: John Uskglass
    Age: 25
    Main Weapon: Is a gun-blade from Final Fantasy allowed? If not, a katana.
    Skills: Genius level I.Q. and amazing skills with a sword. Not really sure what else to put here.

  7. Brace yourself... Darkness is coming...
  8. I am assuming that gun-blades are allowed... ?
  9. ((You assume correctly my dear Ninja))
  10. Name: Laetnam Kuyramareis
    Age: 16
    Main Weapon: Keyblade
    Skills: Swift, And Can speak MĂșltiple TongueS
  11. Name?
  12. Name: Agent 36-B
    Age: 11
    Main Weapon: Insta-Gib (a Laser pistol that blows stuff up instantly.
    Skills: Can Turn Invisible, Can Teleport.
  13. Jack stormbringer.
    24 years old
    The master sword
    Skills: amazing swordsmanship and quick thinking. More likely to act tan to think
    Bio: Son of Link from LOZ (legend of Zelda) trained at an early age In swordsmanship and archery. His father was brutally murdered by the Brorobaks, he barely escaped with his life let alone his sword. Found mentorship with an old gunmaster. One day his mentor mysteriously disappeared and he is secretly looking for him while battling the Brorobaks. He is ready for whatever comes at him but sometimes makes quick and rash decisions. That is all
  14. Please resubmit a serious application
    YES A BIO!!! Accepted
    I'm signing off for the night so I will pick this up tomorrow after school.
  15. Dammit I want the Master Sword, can I change my weapon to a Keyblade :3?
  16. You know, I've been waiting a long time for one of these.
    Not going to join in on this one, though. Sorry.

    (Bios should never be optional. If your character has no backstory, it's kind of boring.
    Plus, people have a habit of pulling convenient history out of nowhere. Not fun.)
  17. Do you like my bio crazy?
  18. I'll go read it.

    I have now read it.
    I honestly don't know enough about the setting of the Role Play to make a valid assessment.. but it's kind of short. Not gonna judge on length, because not everyone needs a heap of space to tell a story. :)
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