Dairy Kings!

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  1. So, the Dairy Kings will officially open for business upon the release of the 1.5 Redstone Update. We will deliver milk every morning to your res! Wow right?! However, we do need employees. Here is the application for becoming an employee:

    1. Username?
    2. What server are you representing?
    3. Can you be expected to get to people's res's by 6:00 PM EST every REAL LIFE evening?

    If you are an employee, please pick up all of the good dairy products at my res at 18513 on SMP9. The prices for the milk are not yet decided, however, upon 1.5, they will be.
    Here is our logo:
    Dairy Kings.png
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  2. Employees from each server:

    SMP2: jacob5089,
    SMP6: TheEpic5,
    SMP9: adsingh (I may or may not deliver, I am the main supplier though.), MineMeetsRoblox.
  3. This is awesome!
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  4. I'd sign up, but a lot of us have school by that time. Like me.
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  5. Why does everyone need milk?? :p
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  6. What do you mean by 10am? EST? GMT?

    Also maybe instead of 10am maybe you can do 6am because most people aren't in school at 6am.
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  7. Seems like a novel idea, but buckets are quite expensive to make. Perhaps you could institute a refund service where you collect used buckets you've delivered and give your customers rupees for them?
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  8. What time zone?

    Recipients could set up a small room with access to the delivery person only. The person comes in to the room and sells milk to a shop for free. Then recipient could pay the company what it owes them.

    No update needed. ;o)
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  9. Awesome idea, but everyone on the server or just active people?
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  10. Ok so when can I start ordering? :p
    I am on smp9 res 19379 :p I set up adsingh a access chest to put milk in :D how much per month?
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  11. Ok, all of your suggestions are great! So, once you get your milk, I must receive the milk bucket back, or, unfortunately, you will not get your milk for that day :(. Also, the delivery time is SIX PM EASTERN TIME. Contact me if you can do it.
  12. Cause it's healthy and nutritious.
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  13. Almost as soon as the 1.5 update comes out!
  14. You can file it under /rp
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  15. What does that do?
  16. :p
    So it will be EVERY day right?
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  17. If you manage to return the bucket, yes :).
  18. By the way guys, I'm thinking of pricing the milk at 5r a bucket (assuming that you return the bucket). What do you think?
  19. great :) I will order a bucket each day :p if you send me a PM every month saying my price to pay for the milk that much , I will pay that amount and put buckets back in the access chest :p