Daily Deals! 14224!

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  1. I have decided to have daily deals at my shop, everyday their will be something new for a LOW price. I'm doing this because i want to boost my popularity in the shops, and also I wanna be generous.

    Todays daily deal is: DIAMONDS! Only 20r a pop.
    Come before its too late, theirs 27 in stock!
    14224! Smp7!
  2. I just stocked the chest with 27 diamonds!
  3. Lehmaqr and Supercolin2 got the diamonds.
  4. noooooooo my wild server
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  5. sorry, haha.
  6. i was like awesome deal then i see smp 7 and i am like nooooooooooooooo
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  7. Todays daily deal are Iron Ingots! for only 2r! Come quick! Only 56 left!
  8. Mr. Tomato got all 56 iron.
  9. I approve of this!
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  10. Haha.
  11. Tomorrows daily deal:
    b 3
    Gold Ingot
  12. Gee, this sounds familiar. lol.
  13. *cough* I didn't get the idea from you *cough*

    NO /sarcasm
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  14. im gonna be there soon enough!
  15. Haha..........
  16. Oh snap. Im in the wild..... ARGH!
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  17. Todays daily deal!
    b 3

    Theirs 68 in stock! Come quick! 14224 smp7!
  18. i got all 68 *does a victory dance*
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  19. Haha, nice.
    Edit : My diamonds are 40r a piece.