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  1. Hi, my name is Daguman and I'm a Panda or at least play one in Minecraft. :D I like to build and make stuff. In the previous servers I've been bullied, grieved, had stuff stolen from me, watch my house I took such time and love to make, be destroyed before my eyes while the guys doing it laughed at me and then killed me. So I opted for a change of server. I did not know the that there were PVE servers. Had I've known, I wouldn't have to go through all those hardships. I hope this server treats me well. :) Thanks for listening.
  2. Welcome to empire minecraft! I hope you enjoy this amazing server with its community and its epicness :D
  3. That sounds horrible. :( I can tell you it won't be that bad here, the staff tries to keep the wild as grief free as possible and there is no pvp. :) So I hope you'll enjoy your time here, welcome to EMC!
  4. Welcome to the empire :D
    And if you ever get griefed or killed here, or anything, the person that did it to you is perma banned or kicked or temp banned :D
  5. Thanks you all, It's good to know that i'm safe here. :)
  6. Welcome fellow bear! This server has nice people, but we do have our fair share of bad guys, but you don't see them often as they do get banned, kicked or something else.
  7. Those days for you are over. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  8. DARNIT! i wanted yo uto be a real panda!
    (welcome to the empire :))
  9. Welcome to the Empire! You are safe here, no PvP. Your home res is damage free! :)
  10. :O :O :O
    =D =D =D
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  11. Welcome to the Empire, we offer a bully free enviroment with almost NO griefing. This is possibly the best Non-PVP server you will ever see and there are rumors about a PVP server yet to be introduced.
  12. Welcome to EMC! I'm sorry to hear about your previous troubles, but luckily for you, you've stumbled upon one of the best communities in the MC world. :D I can't wait to see you ingame!
  13. Welcome!! Seeing that i have a bonus for reffering you id assume you found your way through my youtube channel? :D