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  1. Cypher'sGFXThread

    Okay, first; sorry to post another thread about my GFX but I can't edit the subject (I think), so I decided just to keep 1 thread for all of 'em- for future posting. I'm adding a section addressing, 'request for GFX' because I get a lot... =P

    -Please keep off topic conversation out of this thread!-
    (Requesting and GFX comments only!)

    [Current Project: Nole972's Sig,]
    Requesting GFX:
    • I will take GFX at irregular, undependable intervals, and one-at-a-time. These can be very taxing and time consuming to create, so I don't want to make any general 'set-in-stone' rules.
    • Some form of negotiated trade will be made via PM. Because these aren't easy to make, do not expect anything free or even cheap- unless you inspire me. :p
    • Use this format if you're requesting, you'll than be put in que.
    []Intent of GFX: (This is important because it has to do with the over size and scope of the project.)
    []Broad Details: (Like fav colors, color themes, animals, anime, minimalism, etc.)
    []Special Request: (Anything specific. Be sure to attach links/pictures to anything that requires references.)

    Update [JUN22/1103est]:
    Just got got done with my Wallpaper for EMC. Never actually knew there was a contest. :confused: But here is my submission. Would be better, but I needed to rush it kinda...

    Personal GFX

    Fufilled GFX
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  2. Updated: Added Manglex's Winter Wolf.
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  3. Im probably stupid, what is a GFX?
  4. I quit GFX a long time ago... never got to touch it again when I installed Windows 7.
  5. Lol. Thanks. :)
  6. Wow you did a good job with Manglex's
  7. Thank you! =]
  8. I know I love it!! :D
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  9. how much are they? i quite like them :D
  10. Expensive. Usually. :(
  11. :(
  12. I will be in touch regard a big project for you, the fruits of your labour will be large.
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  13. ;) Sounds interesting.
  14. How about Biscuits EVERYWHERE!
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