Cutthroat Mining - A New Type of Game for EMC!

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Would you like to participate and/or watch this event?

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  1. Based on the competition show on Food Network named Cutthroat Kitchen, Cutthroat Mining takes the same gameplay and applies it to mining in Minecraft!

    The competition is a race between 4 people to see who can find the 16 ores hidden in a 7 x 8 x 6 (7 blocks long by 8 blocks wide by 6 blocks deep) mining area. The competitors will each be given two iron pickaxes and an iron shovel to start with.

    However, the game doesn't end there. Before the mining begins, each player will be given an imaginary balance of 1000 rupees. I will then auction off a few items that the players can bid on to either give themselves an advantage or hinder the other players.

    The prize for the winer of the competition will then be their remaining balance of rupees at the end of the competition.

    When will this amazing event be held?: 13th of June, a Saturday, at 6:00 PM EMC Time (30 minutes after the mob arena)

    Where will it be held?: In the basement of my shop on SMP7 at res # 14849

    Prizes: As stated above, the prize will be the rupee balance left after the auction by the wining contestant

    Donations: Donations would be appreciated, because the more donations I receive, the larger the event can become in the future (larger amounts for auction before mining, help in replacing the blocks/ores lost during competion, etc.) Please send rupee donations to me, jhall10, and I will have a donation chest on my res to take item donations, or you can personally drop them off to me if I am on, or mail them.

    Please post any questions, suggestions, or comments below, thank you! However, do not post on here nor PM me about being a competitor. I am currently working on a way to get random players chosen based on those who enter. Until then, I already have competitors for the competition, or I will personally PM or ask in-game whether a person wants to compete. However, anyone is welcome to come and watch if they wish!
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  2. Cool idea! :)

    You can sign me up! Just PM me [via forums] the dates of the events.
  3. I like it.
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  4. Great idea!

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  5. This sounds fun! I'll help with donations
  6. Ill do it, It looks fun!
  7. Sign me up please! I can help in any way you need whether it's paying you rupees or if it's giving you materials i'm there! 00007-warrior-cat-lg.png
  8. Comptez le constructeur à (french)
  9. I like the idea! Count me in.
  10. That sounds fun! I will try to go. :)
  11. Today is the big day! Come and see who will win the title of Cutthroat Mining Champion!

    Be at my res, 14849, by 6PM EMC Time (30 mins after Mob Arena) to watch the competition!
  12. The competition was a lot of fun! dethfromabov31 won the competition and kept the whole 1000 rupees! Congrats!
    Another competition will be held at a later time, though it has not yet been decided.