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  1. Hello everyone i am opening a MegaMall on smp1 res 2222 it's almost done and i want to have a nice signature for it! best signature will get 2k i don't have any specific way of this but i would like it to be nice and the size of my Creeper thing signature. :)
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  2. Bump ;)
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  3. So something like faithcaster 's signature?
  4. I could have a play around for you...
  5. How's this? And sorry for that link that shows on it xD, I guess there's a way to remove it with google art or something :p
  6. Here's another one I just made for fun xD. image.jpg
  7. This is what I have so far...
    Will do more work 9 hours from now
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  9. These all look awesome would it be possible to include MegaMall buy/sell and smp1 somewhere in there? :D that would be great!
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  11. I can

  12. I love this one!! You might win unless someone comes with something better :p

    EDIT: can I see something like a moving signature for the shop?
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