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  1. Ill give you a custom custom, with a custom dash of custom custom's. It'll be so custom that its custom to this custom.

    The point of this thread is... What is custom?

    Custom as if defined as an adjective is to be unique. Today I made some Crepes with a 'custom' sauce. Or so is it custom? I didn't create the sauce therefore it already existed and therefore was predetermined to be added to any recipe at anytime. It is not unique. You can build a car, add your own colors to it, engrave it in anyway but.. Did you invent those colors/metal/or the writing style? Its predetermined in a ambiguous amount of arrangements. I have a few 'custom' hats. Though my head shape isn't unique in diameter. There are millions of others with the same shape of head therefore, the hat wasn't built 'uniquely' to me.

    To make something custom or 'unique' isn't about what you add to it necessarily. I believe its to create something entirely new that has not existed before in some way ,shape, or form. To me, the invention of the computer is custom. The invention of the telephone. Something that revolutionizes the way things are done. So... When I order a custom coffee mug, is the artistic style custom? Or is the mug a mug? If I were to give a T -Shirt with the name for example 'Hannah' to a bunch of people named Hannah. It wouldn't be 'customly' made for them to their specification as the possibilities already existed in infinite space and time. That being said, its a counter argument to what I said earlier and that makes nothing custom but delayed in time.

    To be custom is to be unique. To be unique is to be 'single'. A singularity of such cannot exist anywhere else in order to meet the specification requirements of being unique or custom. So in the end... Nothing is unique that we can think of as we know it (?)

    I'm interested to hear what you guys can come up with as a response to this or if you have any interesting rambles or concepts of ideas that you want to bring forth and have discussed.
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  3. I agree to an extent - However, you can also 'counter-argue' the exact opposite.

    In a sense 'everything' is unique.

    If I were to make two coffee mugs with the name 'Elite' on both of them - written the exact same way, there would always be slight differences.

    Sure they could both be the exact same in theory, design, practice...

    However, look closely at the mug and you might see a scratch that the other does not have...

    Look even closer and you might see both could (theoretically) have the same exact amount of atoms all arranged in the same way ...however they could never be in the exact same place (which would make them unique in location)


    Even with quantum physics - You may have two atoms bound to a singular location (however the atoms themselves could be completely different)

    or* you may have a singular atom bound to two or more given locations - but each of those locations may be considered unique...


    Every plugin I may write, every thought I have, every word I think, say, or write... may potentially have been thought of, done, or said by another individual, somewhere else, at least once...

    However, the arrangement of 'non-original' ideas that I may compose, may be done in such a way that it is unique to my ownself...


    Imagine if a red crayon was made []
    Imagine if a yellow crayon was also made []

    Imagine there was someone who thought "What would happen if I combine red and yellow?"

    [][] -> []


    Then comes along someone else who thought "What would happen if I combine yellow and red?"

    [][] -> []

    With both scenarios two people thought of how to make the colour orange - but the arrangement of the colours could potentially alter the final result, thus making it unique in principle (Though similar in design)
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  4. Bump! Was posted late last night
  5. so if I'm single, I'm custom?
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  6. However if i'm in a relationship - that should also be unique... because no one else in the world is in a relationship with the same person at the same time :D

    (excluding polygamy)
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