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  1. I am in desperate need of money so i am making skins for 5r ea. i know people make them for free but i need money. plz make them easy to medium difficulty. like don't ask for a master cheat with a bunny nose and a lightsaber cape. make it like a guy in a tux with a troll face.
  2. can a mod plz change the title to 1 skins
  3. Here's a friendly suggestion ;):
    step 1. buy single grinder for about 500r
    step 2. ill give you 15 or so diamond to make picks and swords to enchant
    step 3. learn about enchanting
    step 4. auction item's you've enchanted(I prefer lvl 30) on the forums, you make it up soon ;)
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  4. k but I'm still dong this
  5. just a suggestion, it might, or might not be how you are to get rupees
  6. Can I have a zombie boy?
  7. a tinkerbell skin would be awesome and i will give you 20r for it
  8. If i get back on ihav a ton i can give u btw hows 1533?
  9. Can I please have a space suit zombie?
  10. guys iv seen this guy speedcuber at work his skins are probz a 100r value
  11. ill do that when I'm done with school today
  12. thank you
  13. why not
  14. um ill try but the highest price is 10r ill make you one but just for 10 r
  15. do you want a zombie with the face of a boy or just a teenage zombie thing
  16. Hi! Is it ok if I ask for a zombie in broken gold armor? Ill pay a lot if the zombie and armor are based off of dokucraft.

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  17. Ohh great if i like it a lot I will pay 100r
  18. If you can make me a dude with a dark cloak with the Letters D.R. on the back you can have 150r
  19. I need a phoenix skin, here's a pic of a phoenix. phoenix.jpg
    I'll pay between 5r and 200r based on how much I like it.
  20. if you could send me a pic of a zombie in dokucraft that will help