Custom Skin Making!

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  1. Like copy and paste? Cuz it wouldn't let me... :eek:
  2. Could you make me skin? I would like to see that it has big C in it. And it looks lil like Creepah!
  3. I can do that easily! :)
    EDIT: is it ok if the creeper looks like a FBI/CIA Agent? (Or whatever the american FBI is)?
  4. I have the skin but idk how to paste it!! :mad:
  5. go to minecraft .com :)
  6. It is totally up to you but if you get the time could you make me a Bob The Tomato skin?
  7. American FBI? FBI is Federal Bureau of Investigation, it is quite american..
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  8. aww that is a shame :( im sure you used to be able to
  9. Bob the Tomato is just a well... a tomato! He has no body! So i need to know what kind of clothes and stuff do you want him to wear? But otherwise, it should be pretty easy.
  10. Make him have a red body or be creative!
  11. Alright, i'll see what i can come up with :)
  12. Ok thanks a ton!
  13. i have one for you... can you make me like a medieval ranger skin. i mean thats the style i like but with a lot of detail like realistic if you can do this i will pay you a lot and be grateful:)
  14. or .com?
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  16. Maybe a white color scheme creeper with a tuxedo.
    Also send it with conversation, not email
  17. Just make sure are skins are distinguishable. I have a white creeper in a suit.
  18. eh just typ minecraft on google