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  1. Lately, I've been caught up in making skins, it's a very fun thing to do, and with certain skin makers, it can be very easy! I don't use any fancy software, as a matter of fact, i probably use the most simple... a site called The Skindex has a very user-friendly editing software that pretty much anyone can use.

    What I want to do is something for YOU! Reply to this post with whatever skin you want to be made (I have limits), and I will put it up on The Skindex, message the link of the skin to you, and you can wear it in Minecraft!

    The Skindex link (There are some inappropriate skins, be cautious):

    Remember to check out my other skins (artist TannerT) and to like them!
  2. Can you make me a WW2 Canadian solider.
  3. I'll see what i can do :)
  4. Hey Tanner.
    Can you make me a skin of Alec Mason from Red Faction Armageddon?
    I would like it much better than my Adventure Skin.
  5. can u make me an inuyasha skin
    if u want i can pay u rupees
  6. I'd pay rupees in the hundreds for a Thomas Jefferson skin.
  7. Finished all your skins guys... Check your inbox!
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  8. Do you think you could make me a skin with just a normal white guy look, but with a black shirt, preferably a hoodie. And with the logo of Empire on the back? And like some textures on the front which make it look like a real hoodie. And as pants a pair of grayish cool pants. Maybe a cool hair style with it or a nice cap :) I will pay rupees for this, name a price and you've got it.
  9. I'll get right on it... but would you like the hood up or down? I can do either way.
  10. Can it be complex? I want a zombie with a white tux, and a guitar strapped to his back. James bond, dead, rock star :) I've allways looked for a zombie with a white tux, and none look right, the guitar just fits my lifestyle :)
  11. I am content with my skin. Although if I ever need a new one I will come to you :)
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  12. I'd like the hood down please.
  13. I'll pay 1500r for a decently realistic skin with some kind of Apple related clothes, holding a white iPod, with white earphones on w/ a white wire thing going into a pocket. :) If it's super-fantastic 2k.
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  14. should be nice :)
  15. Oh yeah, so just pretend the iPod's in his pocket :)
  16. How do I paste my image? :confused:
  17. I believe you have to save the image, then click the "Inset/edit image" button on the top bar thingy when you're typing a reply.
  18. Can you make me a guy w/ a body of lava, a head of diamond ore with diamonds for eyes?