[CUSTOM MAP] Floating Islands: Mission 607

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Ah, at long last I'm doing this.
    This custom map of mine has been in the works for years, and I've thought about publishing it multiple times. Sometimes people asked me for a link when I had posted a screenshot somewhere or the map was mentioned somehow, and I tried to get a download up, and made up some instructions specifically for them. But it often didn't really work out, just because I wasn't clear enough. So when yet another time someone asked me about my map, I decided to make a thread about it now. Just to make things a bit more clean.
    I think I should shortly tell you what the map is about.

    So, Floating Islands. It's like Skyblock, but with way more islands to explore. There are many different islands with different themes, and you can build to them to get their blocks. Some islands have a chest hidden inside them, also with an appropriate theme. The objective of the map is to find as many written books as possible. These written books are in some hidden chests. The books are written in Dutch, but the map is also playable when you don't speak Dutch, because even though you won't be able to read the books, you can still collect them.
    Convinced yet? Try it out, it's fun!
    Here's a link to a clean, detailed page about the map.
    Click the link at the very top of the text to go to an English version of the instructions if you need it, it's obvious.

    I hope you'll read the page, download my map and try it out, and I'm looking forward to hearing your experiences so the map can potentially be improved :)
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  2. Sounds fun!
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  3. Have you been playing? :)
  4. Just click the newest version, and click the line with the arrow pointing down to it.
  5. Where did you learn English?
  6. Here :p
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  7. Woah. Good job!
  8. Are you dutch?
    Fist bump :D
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  9. Yeah I am, I wouldn't make a Dutch custom map if I weren't Dutch :p

    Anyway, does anyone have any feedback or comments on this map? Has anyone been playing it at all?
  10. I played it once and scanned it through with creative mo... I mean, I played it all correctly to find all islands. I liked the little strange things on the Islands and that all the islands are all specially themed, but skyblock just isnt my style :3
    Actually the only feedback is that you should remove the bedrock layer, so if you fall you will automaticly been spawned back on top and you dont get stuck (if you dont have enough blocks in your inventory)
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  11. Why wouldn't you just do /kill?
    If I'd somehow remove the bedrock layer, I would make it impossible to cheat, and I don't want that. If a player falls and dies (or doesn't die), it's their own choice to either roll with it and play fair or cheat a little to get their items back. If there's no bedrock layer they will have lost their stuff no matter what.
  12. Oh yeah didnt think of losing items, but you can do /gamerule keepinventory true to keep it, if you wnat
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  13. Well, do you really think it's a problem? Do you often not die when you fell?
  14. Um, bump, I guess...
  15. So?