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  1. What is this? Well it's a rather large build developed by current members of the PLU. It will contain in 1 building a mall, a rather large storage area, an event res, and either an Enchantment Mall, or HQ.

    What is the PLU? The PLU is a community based group dedicated to showing the members of EMC a good time. We host events, giveaways, and contests to bring you something to look forward to every week.

    What does it stand for? PLU, Pancake Legion United, it was an idea floating around my head late 2013 and I recently began whispering and trying to start it up in late 2014, however due to IRL I couldn't begin until now.

    How can I join the PLU? At the moment it's pretty much invite only and we aren't currently focusing on expanding our members now, however we will be quite soon. Keep an eye out on the forums for a post or follow me here and watch my status.

    I wanna help! We appreciate any iron, black wool, or glowstone as item donations as that is currently our blocks of choice, any rupees donation can be made towards PLU_ACC. Thank you!

    I wanna help build is there a way I can participate? Due to the build being quite private, and EMC rules pretty much prohibiting me from advertising a server blatantly, I've decided to only add a few people whom I trust, I hope you understand.

    Current Workers

    Just some quick notes, the overall build is 10 reses big, including the roads, only the front has been worked on (not yet done) Special thanks to the people above for making this long awaited group to finally take shape.

    Donations Received, Thank you so much. :)

    MoeMacZap-200,000 Rupees
    MitchD2000-200,000 Rupees
    crazyhorsegirl04-60,000 Rupees
    JonnyLong-50,000 Rupees
    NamiMay-30,000 Rupees
    BlackKnight1021-25,000 Rupees
    AmusedStew-10,000 Rupees
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  2. Fancy. What does PLU stand for?
  3. Despite what some people in the group may say, it stands for Pancake Legion United. :)
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  4. Hehehe...

    Glad I could lend a helping hand last night, had a laugh too so it was great fun :) I should probably try to sleep before 6AM next time, though! :p
  5. Where can I find this? :confused:
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  6. This is currently being built on a private server. It will eventually be on EMC. :)
  7. I'd love to see this!
    How are you guys going to find 10 residences for this?
  8. The residences that are replicated on the private server are already claimed on EMC in that shape. Just takes a few accounts. :p
  9. Wow, this is gonna be a really cool build! What SMP will you guys build it on? Will you put something like a shop inside?
  10. I'm going to assume SMP9, and the plan is that there will be some kind of mall there. NetherSpecter, correct me if I'm wrong on any of this! :p
  11. Mall, Events, Storage, and an HQ type of building, is what this is supposed to be, and yes it will be on SMP9 :)
  12. I'd like to donate to your project, i am leaving and this seems a worthy cause to donate to. Would that be ok? It would be rupees since i dont have any materials. I know you haven't started it in EMC yet but for when you do.
  13. Thanks, sad to see you go, but I appreciate your kindness. :) Hope you either return soon or have good luck in your future endeavors. :D
  14. Had to work today, so not much progress made today but... BUMP! :)
  15. After an hour of work and bickering the roads under the build will look something to this fashion and will be well lit no other updates other than that at for the moment. 2015-04-04_12.36.04.png 2015-04-04_12.35.16.png
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  16. Totally not me in that last picture doing something rather strange with that bush...
  17. Donated 10,000r. Looks like fun! :D
  18. Day Three: Finishing up the front and began working on the lobby, we got a BOATLOAD done today.

  19. Day Five: Began working on the sides and finally laid out the floors for the Cyan, Blue, Light Gray, and Purple Floors. Also worked on the lobby a LOT. And changed a few things to the front.
  20. For the sake of organization and my OCD, I've shrank the reses down from 10 to 7, the Event res will be separate and the storage/enchantment mall reses will be integrated into the current build. I'll update with some pictures but if you wanna see the build be developed go to 18312 on SMP9 to go to the garden's res.
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