[Current issue] Not able to log into servers

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Runningrhino, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. If you are not able to log into minecraft servers and are getting a weird response after trying that probably means that the mojang servers are down. Many people have been complaining about this and I am trying to make it much easier by making this thread. This link will tell you what is going on!
  2. Could a mod please change the title to log into servers? I messed up
  3. Hey thanks for this! I wasn't sure what that error message was.
  4. Minecraft is back up!
    EDIT: Never mind!
  5. I can't get on ANY server..
  6. It sucks that the servers are going down more often. :(. I wish they would find a more permanent solution for this.
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  7. I cannot get on to any server either. 503 error (unreachable). Mojang indicates that it is an issue they are working on, and this means that nobody can connect to any servers that verify accounts. So, at least now we can all chat with the forums!
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  8. I hope we are not getting a DDOS. (Minecraft servers I mean)
  9. Na, they go down all the time.
  10. Not all the time.. sometimes they have only one service status down, not most of them. I wouldn't doubt if this is a DDos.
  11. They need to get back up severs, then back up severs for backup severs, then back up severs for back up backup severs... and so on so that this DOES NOT HAPPEN :mad: :( :mad: