Cube World Server

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  1. I think it would be awesome if you guys made a cube world server. Cube world is a super fun game with only one problem(besides the glitches) a good server! It would get pretty popular.

    thanks for your time ;-)

  2. Sorry to say, but seeing as we won't have servers for Tekkit or Hexxit, that means we certainly won't have servers for another game entirely.
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  3. What is the name of this server again? Oh right, Empire Minecraft.
  4. ...
    "Empire Cube World"
    Sounds legit.
  5. Or Empire Hexxit.
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  6. ehh worth a try
  7. This probably wont happen because of these reasons:
    They won't do FTB or Tekkit let alone a whole new game.
    Most players do not play cube world so why bother?
    Don't think the code of EMC will cope well with Cube World.
    EMC not ECW