cross residence underground

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Join Residences under path

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  1. so we can join 2 residences @ 128. why not be able to join them if they go under the pathway?
    this means that you will be able to dig 2 out from your res under the path. (roads are 4 wide [unless you have the roads with medians. in that case make it still 2 out to avoid technical issues.])
  2. 1.Please use proper grammar and punctuation. I know, I sound like a grammar Nazi, but please call me a grammar Soviet.
    2.I don't think this will happen.
    3.I believe you can join/make a bridge at a certain height.(200+)
  3. You are able to build out to other residences if youre above level 128.
  4. OK but still what about building underground? so many plans in my head for that
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  5. I mean, it would be good for many projects. I think something of the sort could come up when new Dragon Egg features come up.
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  6. You could build like telegraph wires or rail lines underneath it so that you could get anywhere in EMC quicker or talk to people by telegraph
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  7. This has been considered already. The consideration was if you were to dig 16 blocks down or so from ground level that you could dig an additional 3 blocks out in each direction. It wasn't done for a few reasons that are a little hard/to hard to explain and I don't want to type them out. The general problems would come from people connecting to your res (if your res is expanded by the 3 blocks) when you don't want them to.
  8. make them only able to dig out two blocks so the other res owner has to dig at least one to join residences
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  9. Please explain this in some more detail, I'm not getting what you are saying. "Thin" roads are 6 wide and "fat" roads are like 9 or something. Who is "them"?
  10. Facepalm! I forgot how long the roads where xD oops
  11. just make it able to dig 2 out. people that have the medians between their res will just have to get over it or EMC can configure the coding to be 3 blocks when the median is added
  12. If you want one dug you'll need to contact shaunwhite1982, or maxarias, and ask one of them to do it for you.

    You may contact them now at: HERE - just make sure to add the ones you want to the convo
  13. I don't believe they offer that service. If they did, a massive amount of micro-management would be necessary to process all requests.
  14. Thin roads are 4 wide...
  15. erm, close enough. My point is that there are roads of different widths
  16. 4 wide are the smallest size .... 13 are the normal wider size ... occasionally you may end up with a messed up road near you of 3 wide or 12 wide or 14 wide - as this is caused by the residential plug in - which auto makes the residents for you and the roads ... and they may overlap sometimes ... or when resetting or when a senior staff is asked per request to fix an area or connect two residences together - it will alter the size of the pathways occasionally.
  17. Because we don't have chat....
    :) I love your posts, I really do :)
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  18. I know there must be some sarcasm in there...
  19. Actually no, what I mean is this;
    In most of your posts, you include little things like that which totally confuse me
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  20. why be so technical about this whole thing? 4 wide roads. allow people to dig 2 out. 13 wide roads. allow people to still dig 2 out. they can suck it up.