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  1. Does anyone know if the difficulty has changed? I swear iv never had so many creepers kill. I went got my stuff and one fell from my roof and killed me again. This hasnt just happend once idk if im just a magnet now?
  2. Meh, it's bad luck.
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  3. For all you grammar nazis...
    "Does anyone know if the difficulty of EMC has changed? I swear, I've never been killed by so many creepers. I went to my base in the wild, one was on the roof of my house, fell off, and killed me. This has happened more than once. Are there more creepers now than before?"
    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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  4. The mob spawning parameters have changed a little, thanks to Aikar, and now the wild is a little more... challenging.
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  5. I noticed this. I went to the wild on smp9 and haven't been out there since I became a supporter as I usually just go to Utopia wild now. I thought there was a lot more mobs. Not just creepers specifically.
  6. No, there is just alot more mobs. Due to the spawning parameters and new mob limits in town, the wild is as it should be:
    I want the wild to be difficult. Yes, I do have an underdeveloped res. This is because I want to get griefed in the wild, and now I want to be killed by mobs. Sadly, due to full chain armor I bought on a visit to town, this hasn't happened yet and no griefers want to go near my house haha.
  7. Yeah, they only build stuff on your roof...
  8. lol Thanks :D I didnt care to watch either my spelling or grammer.
  9. That is cool that it has changed. I just wasn't expecting a ton of mobs attacking me. I haven't been on for a while so I was confused. Thanks for everyones input ill just have to be more carful and armor up. THANKS AGIAN!! :D
  10. I don't know what difficulty that EMC is set to, however, creepers were also changed statistically via the last major update.
  11. Look on the bright side: great mining devices.
  12. EMC is on easy difficulty, but the mob limit was raised so overall more monsters.
  13. Hey go take a look on your roof. Maybe they built a nest :p
  14. Wont be a roof for long :)
  15. This reminds me of when I first started playing Minecraft. I thought I was smart and had made two doors on my house so if there were mobs on my roof, I could get out without a fight. But they knew when I was home and would wait on my roof until I came out.

    When I saw a creeper I would run towards the safety of my house. Many mornings, I would come out of my house to harvest crops and find myself repairing the doorway area instead.

    After endless repairs, I learned to run out of my house towards an area I didn't mind damaging then to turn to see if something was following me.

    I've gotten comfortable with the difficulty we currently have. I never liked it before when I could walk around without weapons or armor and even afk without worry.
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