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  1. I looked on the wiki and couldn't find the answer to my question. I know a few months back Aikar make a few nice anti-griefing changes and I am 99% sure creeper's block damage was changed then. Can anyone let me know what blocks they blow up still? And it would be cool to have that added to the wiki. Unless of course it is already there and I missed it... hehe
  2. i think they blow up cobble, stone, wood, and dirt(and its variants)
  3. Thanks, how about ston ebrick? I am pretty sure creeper block damage was changed so people couldn't grief buildings by using creepers to blow up other people's stuff.
  4. i dont think stone brick is affected
  5. They changed what TNT blows up. As far as I know creepers function the exact same way they should in Vanilla Minecraft (except for Enraged).
  6. no they changed creeper mechanics at the same time as well as firespread
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  7. can you track who blew up a creeper if it destroys someone's creation?
  8. I don't think so.
  9. Only on way to find out see for yourself :p
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  10. I have tested this on my own and it seems creepers only blow up natural blocks, any crafted blocks I used didn't blow up including fence.
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  11. I would of never had the guts to do that,but thanks for the info!
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