Creeper Capture?

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  1. I was reading the emc blog
    I stumbled across this blog on how to make ruppes

    There's this one thing in there:

    In Creature Capture, a pool of 100,000 rupees has been known to be divided to members of the winning team.

    Was this an old event? If so why does no one host it anymore?
  2. ICC used to host these events. They don't occur anymore. I'm pretty sure after ICC was demoted nobody picked it up again.
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  3. Creature Capture is an old event invented by ICC that has been (for quite a while now) removed from the wiki and gone into a state of disuse. It can still be viewed at /v creaturecapture on SMP5. Creature Capture was a, if not the only, team event that involved fishing animals in the center of the area (top people) into the bottom box of your team's area where some waiting team members would egg the animals for points. :)