Creeper Attacks

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by JoeHawkwind, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Since the last update, has the Attack rate for creepers Increased ?,
    I have been playing on the smp4 server for almost a year, and for the last 10 months I have been based in the Wilderness.
    My Home is in constant attack and i have to rebuild my house nearly every day, this has only happened since the last update.. !

    I have not changed the settings , and it is still set to normal,but is there a command i can use to stop all the blocks getting destroyed.

  2. Your settings dont matter. And no.
  3. Look Kid, I am not Interested in your blatant Advert of your pathetic Auction , I want some technical advice from someone in control of the server or an Admin.

  4. You do know thats his sig, right?
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  5. Lol someones new to internet forums!
  6. Yea, I know its his sig , I am after some tech advice not short quick comments to get his post count up ! :))
  7. I dont need help with my post count, and if you were smart, you would know that my auction was done, and that i just didnt take it out of my signature yet:) Use your head! Some people these days:p
  8. You really cant help your self ,, can you !!
  9. You probably would have gotten more help if you hadnt attacked me right away:) I actually posted that, and i was compiling links and quotes from the servers devs and high staff for you, then i saw that response of yours, and decided that you are too good for help, you can probably have fun finding it yourself:) Have fun waiting, or looking around the site! =D
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  11. If you look at what he quoted, he was answering about you changing your settings. And being rude will get you banned. EMC Site <-> In Game
    They can ban on both as the rules always apply.
  12. Please halt the spamming your not helping yourself.
  13. Halt being rude. Were telling you not to be rude, not spamming if we were spamming it would be random rubbish nothing to do with anything that has happened within the thread.
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  14. Talking to yourself doesnt solve your problem. You didnt seem to notice that the issue is not me... Now, so that this isnt considered spam, Aikar changed server settigns so that the wild wouldnt be a cake-walk anymore, and so that it would be closer to vanilla MC. You may resume fixing your house, and may the almighty mob-spawning code continue to plague you with creepers:D
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  15. Thanks Kman , that's the type of link to help I was after..
    cheers !
  16. Here's a solution: Skybase or Treehouse. I have a treehouse in LLO.
  17. Or get light?
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  18. Or a dark room?:) He could also spawn 300 chickens lol xD
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  19. I think someone did that at one of my wild towns, I killed them because I lagged so much and then ate them. Chickeneer wasn't happy...
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  20. You're rudeness to others is extremely not acceptable and therefor must be punished.

    As said, entity spawn rate is higher. It is planned to be lowered but right now its not an easy thing to do.
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