Creature Capture Week!

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    Where: smp5 /v creaturecapture
    When: Multiple Times, Nov. 23rd - 27th
    Visit if you've never played before.
    To celebrate Thanksgiving, please join Krysyy at one of the various Creature Capture events held, starting THIS SATURDAY. The schedule is posted below!

    Saturday: 12 pm EMC time (noon)
    Sunday: 12 pm EMC time (noon)
    Monday: rescheduled to tuesday
    Tuesday: 4 pm (w/ RainbowChin) and 6 pm EMC time and 10 pm EMC time
    Wednesday: 6 pm EMC time

    Then, don't miss the Thanksgiving Event taking place at 12 pm EMC time (noon) on THURSDAY the 28th! Stay tuned to the forums/discord for more information!
  2. I can't believe that I have only played this game once on EMC in all my time here since 2014. I am looking forward to participating in these events of course based on time of the events.

  3. Awesome!!! Can't wait! It was really fun seeing this again
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  4. Yes!!! I think its appropriate to capture up some fun :p
  5. Awesome! A Thanksgiving event on my birthday! :D
  6. Had great fun testing the event, will definitely be attending one of these :D
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  7. I hope I can make it to multiple I had loads of fun playing the other day testing!!!!
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  8. First event starting in one hour!
  9. Ok. Be back from the store before that. I need to bring a fishing pole and what else? I only did this event once before.
  10. When testing Krysyy provided the first rod and stick free :) You can buy extras for 1r though :D
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  11. Thanks Nony. I' gonna bring my voters fishing pole and a stick? ahhh for eggifying them. It's been a while and I only did this event once.
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  12. Materials are provided.
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  13. Proud of Team Blood Orange <3 Thanks for hosting Krysyy!
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  14. Due to personal issues and inability for a replacement host tonight, Monday 10 pm event is rescheduled to Tuesday at 10pm. So there will be 2 events on Tuesday instead.
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  15. Remember: 2 times today!
    6 pm and 10 pm

    See you tonight creature capturers!
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  16. Awesomesauce cant wait!!!
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  17. :eek: What's this? An extra round?
    Will be hosting my own 2 rounds, today at 4PM.
    (Just a bit over 1 hour)
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  18. Wooo! I’ll be there :D
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  19. I'm sooo ready for another round!
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