Creature Capture Event

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  1. Tonight's Wacky Wednesday Event is:Where: /v creaturecapture on smp5
    When: Wednesday June 29, 2016 @ 6 pm EMC time Delayed
    Visit if you've never played before.

    Prizes: 1,000r to each winning player in the round + bonuses (not revealed until won)
    Number of Rounds: 2 (possibly 3 if all goes well)
    Bring a fishing rod or a stick and get ready for some fun! There will be signs to buy these if you forget.
  2. Yay! :D More creature capture events
    (Beat you before you posted on the front page ;))
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  3. And here we see the rare species chin running off with its love the sheep

    edit: apparently SIMONNNN doesnt like my grammar so I redid the sentence.
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  4. This is wacky and weird but I like it. ;)

    Unfortunately I can't make it, as always...:rolleyes:
  5. Stupid school blocking my gaming time -.-
  6. Creature capture
    warning: flying pigs
  7. "why: why not?" right though ?? it's fun :D
  8. I feel like I wanna try sticking this time.
  9. Idk if I can make it...
  10. Sounds fun. I will try and make it ;)
  11. So 2 species in the banner... kinda makes you wonder which one Krysyy is trying to stick: the chin or the sheep :p

  12. shes trying to slap chin OFF of the sheep
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  13. Yep. me too (most of the time)
  14. I will try to make it! I didn't go to the last one because of the time..
  15. didnt notice but i like how a sheep is teaching Chin the lesson: NOT to break stuff, by breaking his back, lol!
  16. Today's Event starts at 6 pm EMC time.

    See you there!
  17. I can never seem to find the arena...
  18. Where: /v creaturecapture on smp5
  19. It always gives me the "residence not found on any server" message....