[Creation] Vanilla Redstone Minigame Fun Park

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  1. So I just came up with this idea. I am an avid redstoner, and made my first game about a week ago; it's a very simple Connect Four. I found it fun, and am going to make a bunch of games all grouped together in completely vanilla Minecraft. I am looking for people experienced in the following subjects:

    -Tileable Double Piston Extenders (or higher):

    -Piston Tapes:

    -Spawner Minecarts:

    -NBT Tags and Editing them:

    -Command Blocks:

    -Interior Designing:

    -Exterior Designing:

    The server will be privately hosted using LogMeIn Hamachi during organized times of when we build.

    Skype (if you're willing):
    Pictures of Creations:
  2. ...anyone?
  3. I would help but I suck at all of the above.
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  4. Bump!
    Added interior & exterior designing to the list.
  5. IGN: SkyDragonv8
    Skype: I will message you if accepted.
    Pictures of Creations: Ummm... My residence.
  6. Suck at most of above but ok at Command Blocks and Desiging, unfortunatly I am not allowed to use Hamachi, so I can't help.
  7. What skill will you be helping with? Also, pictures mean pictures not "1234 SMP1" or "bleh.bleh.com /warp bleh"