Creating an account with E-Mail instead of username.

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  1. My brother wants to create an account on the server so he can play on it. He has to log into Minecraft using his E-Mail or it does not work. He has tried to create an account on the server with his user name and E-Mail, but to no avail. Is there a way he can create an account so that he can play on the server?
  2. It sounds like he's having trouble creating an EMC account. Has he tried logging onto EMC before creating an account? It should give you a screen with a special password that you use when creating an account. I forget what to do from there, because it's been a while.
    Edit: Also, you say "to no avail," but could you be more specific, as in what he tried, and what happened?
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  3. He's trying to create an account for Or is he trying to log onto a server? Could you reword that a little bit?
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  4. Ok so he has tried to log onto the server before. And it comes up with a screen that tells him to please make an account on the website. And yes he is trying to make an account to empire minecraft website. Sorry for the confusions.
  5. He has to use his minecraft account's password. If he feels uncomfortable about it, there is a code on the Login failed message. He should use that instead.g

    Edit: He has to use both his minecraft name and his email (He may use an alias account though).
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  6. He needs to use his Minecraft display name (the one that appears in chat), and the join free code from when you connect to a server. Any other combination was broken by the Mojang account migration.
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  7. Thank you guys so much for the help!
  8. FYI this is currently in works to be improved/simplified by Justin