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  1. Hello, I'm a proud owner of a outpost in smp7 and I have a dedicated website.

    I thought it would be cool if I could have a fixed area of the live map just for my outpost.

    Now I've seen azoundria's mine map and I want something similar to it of course not as complicated.

    Help a animatronic out please :p
  2. ask Alikar
  3. I'm pretty sure he just took a picture of the live map and edits it from there. If you want a map like that, you just have to create your own, I believe.
  4. he doesn't know how to do it, so he is asking the community to offer their services(that is what i think he means by this:
  5. I'm asking in general how can you do this, which I don't.
  6. Tough one...

    You can easily cook up an URL which only shows you a small portion of the EMC livemap, then you could inline that in your webpage after which people visiting your webpage would also get to see the map. The problem is of course that this would also generate a lot of extra (unrelated) data to the site and I'm not too sure if Aikar would like that.

    The reason I think so is because several aspects of EMC are a bit shielded like that. For example: you can only search on the website if you already have a session open, you can't "just" access the search feature out of the blue. And the livemap also has an idle timeout, which IMO is also set up to make sure that it doesn't generate too much traffic.

    So my first reaction / advice was definitely be to create a static snapshot, then use that on your webpage.

    And then I tried this out for myself and noticed that this feature has been left in there, probably for a reason. For example, want to see where I live on EMC? Check this out! No need for hacks or specifying hidden Dynmap paramters which I happen to know ;)

    Here's how you do it:
    • Point the map to the location you want to show.
    • Click the small chain icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
      • Another option is to right click it and use "Copy link address".
    • Now you got an URL which points to a specific location on the map.
    To add this to your website I suppose you could try using an iframe element of some sort.
    Still: do keep in mind that this would provide the exact coordinates to your build / structure for anyone to find. So if you're worried about griefers and such then this is definitely not a good idea to follow up on.
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  7. Very good advise but yes I want the coordinates hidden from people who visit my site.
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  8. This info was very helpful to me in documenting my navigation of the Live Map. THNX
    I need a foxy wife for my life too LOL
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  9. Shhh my fox wife :p
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