[Crazy Trade] Help me celebrate my first EMC Anniversary

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  1. Yes Empire, I've been on this server for 1 year! Help me celabrate: Trade me your head for 1 item from my shop. Any item I have for sale at my smp5 shop is up for grabs. Only the for sale items! This is first come, first serve. Only items that are in stock are available for trade. This event will last until November 18 at 10pm EMC time. You must mail to me before the deadline.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Go to my 3rd res on smp5. That's 10941 or /v +gear. Look around upstairs and down. Decide on what you want.

    2. Mail me your head in this format:

    /mail send chumminer (item name)

    example given: /mail send chumminer The Blue Sharpie

    Don't forget to add your head before you send.

    (It has to be your head and unchanged...no changing it. If it doesn't fit the rules, I will just toss it and your entry won't count.)

    3. When I get your head, I'll send you the item you requested. I will try to keep up with my mail and be quick about it. Again, this is first come, first serve.

    Note: if I have run out of the item you want, I will contact you on the forums or in game if I can. I will ask if there is something else in stock from the shop that you want and send that item instead. If you don't want to complete the trade because there is nothing left that you want, I will mail your head back to you.

    Another note: to my customers....please don't buy anything for the next few days. I'll restock quickly at the end of this trade period. I know that this is trust and you have every right to buy from my shop unless I remove the signs, but I don't want to have to re-do every sign in my shop! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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  2. Please don't post on this thread for requests. You can wish me happy anniversary, or tell me I suck. Whatever floats your boat! But only use the format for this trade!

    And congrats to Crazy_TJ for being the first to send his head! Woo hoo!
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  3. Congrats on one year on EMC. :)
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  4. My head is nowhere near valuable enough :p Unless you got a dragon egg :)
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  5. If you do not want people to buy, do /res set shop false.
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  6. bump

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  7. Thank you PenguinDJ, I'll fix that! I should have known that there was a fix for that.
  8. Come on people! Crazy trade with me! Just send me your head!

    This might be one of my more epic fails.
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  9. Hey, so far only 3 crazy trades. There is tons of great stuff in my shop to trade!
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  10. 3 days left to get a great piece of gear for just the meager price of your head! All types of gear that I sell are still available.
  11. Now I'm up to 4 trades. Well, at least it's something....how about 10 more trades? Come on! Tell your friends about it. Especially anyone who really needs some god gear!
  12. One head coming your way!! :cool:
    Also are we allowed to send in our Alt Accounts head?
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  13. Yes, please! I'll take alt heads!
  14. Congratz on 1000 Days Chum! Also, I traded my head to you the other day since it was recent am I still allowed to get an item?
  15. 1 year not 1000 days xD :D
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  16. Yeah, 408. No problem, name the gear and I'll send it! And yes, only 1 year. Not all of us discovered Minecraft early on. :)
  17. Whoops yeah 1 Year not 1000 days, I'll check out your store later on and send you a message thanks :)
  18. bump......2 days left to get me your head!
  19. Congrats on 1 year on EMC :D At least you're doing something for yours. I forgot mine LOL

    You already have my head. A few of them if memory serves haha. I'm all good, thank you Chum!
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