Crazy storm on SMP5 @ spawn!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Barkley1987, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I was underground in SMP5 when it was happening. I was afraid to go above ground, for fear I would get zapped!
  2. I was struck by lightning 5 times in 10 minutes on smp4. I don't blame you for not leaving spawn. Your f2 key must be smoking :)
  3. I went to the wild when this was occuring on SMP5. ... Left the spawn area too. Got struck by lightning and my armor absorbed most of the impact. It was brutal.
  4. Wooo Twitch +1 for Retro NES pack. I have that one.

    OT: Wow I missed something huge. Never seen a storm like that.
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  5. I picked the wrong time to make a sandwich and missed the whole thing :'(
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  6. At first I thought my client was bugging, but it turned out to be real.
  7. That storm was on and off for HOURS! My buddy got struck 5 times. I wasn't able to go outside hardly at all. Just insane.
  8. ahhh Notch making Minecraft as realistic as possible :p