Crazy storm on SMP5 @ spawn!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Barkley1987, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Come check it out before it ends! It's spamming lightning like mad! Pics to come!
  2. There goes the spawn..

  3. Still going on. Doesn't seem to be letting up. :S
  4. It just stopped..... Was probably a good 10-15 minute Mega Storm.
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  5. That is pretty awesome, never seen anything like it. My comp probably would have crapped a chicken if I even tried to get on smp5 then.
  6. I would have hated to have been near any creepers during that thing. So many craters would have been born!
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  7. Yeah no doubt. I wasn't leaving spawn, haha.
  8. i wonder if that was empire wide. i was on smp7 and there was a raging storm there too, but i was really far out and only me and halomaster1239 where in it i think. it was massive like this one! it was brutal! i saw my first pack of charged creepers today...
  9. How on Earth did you live through that?
    That's some computer you must have there if it has the ability to do that!
  10. smp9 CHARGED CREEPER!!!
    RetroNES Texture.

    Default texture.
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  11. What mod is it that tells you the light level?
  12. That RetroNES texture pack looks pretty sweet! When I get sick of my HD one I'll switch to that!
  13. Ah, thank you twitch. I had seen the other thread, but not that board.
  14. It has connected textures, random mobs, all 8bit color palette, and animated blocks. It is 16x and works with OptiFine, no need for MCPatcher. :)
  15. You are welcome. Enjoy it, that was a gift from Jeremy for my life to be much simpler, although more work required in the beginning to setup. :)
  16. Where can I download that HD texture pack?
  17. I was on smp4 and went to the wild spawn because someone was doing an it's drop and the weather was just like that!
    So I think yes it must have been empire wide!