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  1. [fix] always crashes
  2. Your thread is a not descriptive. What is crashing and what comes up or what happens
  3. Ok here's what you have to do. First take your computer and rub butter all over it. Then you shove a half soggy and half burnt waffle in the CD Drive. Now smear nutella all over your screen and lick it into a picture of a smiley face. Finally you must take your monitor and throw it out the window (If you don't have a window, which would be odd, you could bury it in a pool of frosted flakes).
  4. Haha. Do what deathconn said.. Du et!
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  5. He is close but there are a few problems with it. You throw it in lava first, then all that. You need to put a full burn't waffle in it and you bury it a pool of frosted flakes after throwing it out every time.
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  6. If you want some real help please post system specs (can be found using Belarc Advisor)
    And post what happens when your game crashes
    And what error message comes up
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  7. Instructions weren't clear enough, got my head stuck in my refrigerator.
  8. Try rubbing a bucket of cream cheese over yourself. Then, try to eat a USB thumb drive and maybe lick your elbow. That will get your head out of the refrigerator.
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  9. disclaimer: most of these responses are jokes and should not be attempted

    however if you give us some more information about the problem and perhaps your specs maybe one of us can assist you better
  10. First glance I thought monitor was 'mother' and I was like well ok then.
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  11. Who said they were jokes?
  12. Yes, I know. I always crash my car!
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  13. image.jpg
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