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good idea?

yes 3 vote(s) 33.3%
no 6 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. hey guys i have been thinking you might say diamonds or iron is the most important thing in minecraft well i dont know if u realize but a crafting table is and i had a idea what if we make a res on a smp except 3 because i live on 3 and fill a res with crafting tables!
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  2. Uh... I believe I know where this is coming from... but if anyone wants to donate a whole res, then... okay?
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  3. *Hey *I *are *you *,but * - except
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  4. i have a extra res i think
  5. would anyone like to help?
  6. lol why is everyone saying lol?
  7. you just said it too lol
  8. Someone actually killed the ender dragon without using crafting tables at all, so they must not be THAT important :p
  9. Well, someone has been watching some EthosLab.
  10. im guessing that was you
  11. correct
  12. No.
  13. I'm... So... Lost :confused:
  14. I would rather not, since it is wasting a res or the top layer of it with crafting benches that are very easy to find and make. This idea would ok if you did it in the wild,but since the size is huge, it is unneeded...