Crafting Prismarine/Sea lanterns

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  1. I need some serious help. I have looked and looked and I simply can't find what I am looking for.

    Anyone that has crafted 2+dcs of sea lanterns/prismarine bricks knows how mundane and annoying it is. I have heard of people on here having mods/macros or what have you that allow you to craft things without having to click a million times to do so(obviously not faster than a person could do it and not afk, which is fine) but I can't find anywhere where such a thing is open source or readily available. All the things I find are super fast clicking mods or something that I can't use on EMC. I still have SOOO much to craft and its beyond demoralizing. Someone please help me :(
  2. ... I fell your pain... daily.
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  3. Thank you pab10s! I will look into it shortly.
  4. It seems your link goes to a 1.7 mod. I have looked and only found one macro mod and I guess it didn't want to work with my other mods. I have a core mod that I thought I had gotten rid of that apparently still loads. A minecraft re-install may be necessary for that but I don't think that was the problem as I moved my mods and config files out(independently on restarts) and with just that mod(a 1.8 mod I found) in there it still crashed the client.

    Does anyone use a 1.8 macro mod that they have had success with?
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