Craftable ender crystals

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  1. Hey fellow Minecrafters! Just recently I found out how to create an ender crystal with no commands or mods.
    As you can see here you need a ghast tear on the bottom, ender eye on the middle, and the rest is glass. ArticMage out!
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  2. I know, now everybody thinks I'm a noob because I didn't know this :D
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  3. I don't see why they would think of you as a noob. This thread could be helpful to those who didn't know that these were craftable. Maybe add what they are used for to your post as well. That way new players (to minecraft) know what they are used for.
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  4. Maybe others were not aware either. Now THEY know too :p
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  5. Side note: They have to be placed on obsidian, and to remove them, right click them with a stick like you're eggifying an animal. Returns it to your inventory.
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  6. Other side note: Don't punch them like you're breaking any other block. Blows up in your face.
  7. Not in town. I actually thought they were permanent until someone told me about the stick.
  8. Not a noob move. We learn new things everyday. Such as, andesite can be made from cobble and diorite (I learned this yesterday and was like O.O)
  9. side note: do not shoot them in town with a flame bow
    it gives a great fire that doesn't stop xD
  10. Light the fire prepare for WAR !!
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  11. Its makes for an awesome meteor visual :p
  12. The fire stops but it takes a while. I learned that by shooting one before XD