Cracks in everything [HELP]

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  1. So I dont really know how to explain it, so heres a picture:

    this has been going on for many months and I dont know how to fix it. Ive tried reinstalling Minecraft/Java and doing all the setting changes.
    It makes everything so ugly
    Does anyone know a fix for this?
    Also, theres also this weird mouse bug thing that makes me like have these weird stutters when looking around
    please help :p
  2. Wich minecraft version do you run ? make sure you use 1.8.9 and not 1.8 Is your graphics driver mabye changed ?
  3. ive tried all of them, also my drivers are at their newest update
  4. Have you uninstalled and reinstalled?
  5. Have you tried lowering your view distance? Also if you use optifine some of the render settings cause weird glitches like this. I had the same thing happen on my old laptop.
  6. What's the issue? I don't see any cracks. someone fill me in.
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  7. its kind of hard to see it in the pictures, try and zoom in on the grass
  8. tried everything I could with my GPU settings, still doesnt work, also one thing I forgot to add is that theres loads and loads of screen tearing in it. I have no issues with other games that are more demanding such as B4 or GTA5
    but I guess I cant run minecraft lol
    Im going to try and see what happens if I use my intel graphics that I also have, but I doubt itll change much
  9. Using intel graphics made it back to normal now, but now I have pretty bad fps instead of the solid 60 I had with my better GPU
  10. whats your other GPU brand?
  11. See this is the same issue I had...

  12. my main one which is the one I use always is a Nvidia Gerforce 860m
    but the other one thats also in my pc, is integrated graphics. Which runs minecraft at around 40 fps but with my nvidia one it runs mc at 60 fps with max settings while recording, but I get that horrible look
  13. 1) Go to Tools
    2) Right Click the Icon
    3) Click Open Nvidia Control Panel
    4) Click Manage 3D Settings
    5) At the Bottom of the window, Click Restore....

    It will restore, then reboot your computer to apply certain changes.

    When you log on, it should be fixed, as it worked for me.

    Edit, I am also running a 870M with 3GB of ram on the GPU. I get about 500 fps,
  14. I only get 60 because I chose vsync to make it smoother for me, but without it I get in the hundreds of fps. Also how do I add more ram to my GPU? Because ive got lots of ram but I use my GPU the most in what I do for my pc
  15. Also, I did click restore but It didnt change anything or restart my laptop
  16. Sorry for the triple post, but im an idiot, I did the restore thing and it works not problem solved! Thanks finch
  17. Np

    And you can't add more ram to a gpu as the ram is built in and a different type of ram.

    I do However have a thread on the 2nd page of the help and support section on how to add more ram to minecraft itself. I have 4 gb set for minecraft.
  18. I know how do that at least, I tested recording performance and I now get a smooth 60 fps doing so :)
  19. That's background rendering not true presentation at 500 frames. It's impressively high, but I want to call out that the GPU is doing wasted work rendering frames that never get displayed. You could save some wear and tear by limiting the FPS :)