Cover Song Mania

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  1. So lets start a thread of interesting covers of famous songs... I will start it off with these:
  2. ...Okay, so I cheated on the second one because Lindsey Stirling isnt as famous as Ke$ha and Taylor Swift.. <,<
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  4. Whoever says covers can't be done by psuedo-mainsteam artists need to see these first two.. :3
  5. Most everyone has probably already seen/heard this cover, but I'm going to put it here anyways because I like it so much:p. If any of you haven't seen/heard it yet, it is definitely worth listening to.
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  6. If you're into covers and you haven't heard about Alex Goot yet, I suggest you check him out. I love his voice, and the fact that he (typically) plays every instrument in the songs he covers himself. Here's a sample:

    Then there's Peter Hollens. He doesn't have too many videos yet, but I'm sure he'll be making more. I have Yukon1200 to thank for being introduced to him by the way. :p Hollens covers music using nothing but his mouth as an instrument, it's pretty freaking fantastic what he can do:

    He brought in a very cute violinist on this one, and it's awesome, especially because it's game music:
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  7. >,<... That was going to be in my next post.. I love Lindsey Stirling..

  8. Ladies contain yourself when watching.
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  9. Lindsey Stirling edition.. :3
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  11. I just scrolled down, that explains why i didnt see that :D,
  12. Her voice is awesome:

    Rush covers The Beatles:

    I should record myself because almost everything I do is covers. I don't have a studio and it's impossible to get it quiet around here, though.
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  13. Anyone heard Tyler Ward? Listen to him. Here.

    I'll edit more in soon :)
  14. Saw a Jonathan Coultan vid above which made me think of this:

    I love SongsToWearPantsTo/Andrew Huang.

  15. This next one has VERY strong language. It's a cover of I'm On a Boat by The Lonely Island.
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  16. So interestingly enough I can sing half of the song I am featuring in this post..<,<
    Dragostea Din Tei covers:
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