Could someone make me an icon?

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  1. I cant draw well on paint, and im too busy and lazy to take days to do it. Could someone make me an icon?

    Appropriate, happy, and silly are allowed
    Inappropriate, sad, mad, and gross are to be flagged.

    Ill pay 1,000r to whomever makes me an icon i like. Thanks! Link to my skin:
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  2. Idk how to make Icons but I made 2 banners instead lol
  3. What do you mean by Icon?
  4. My face
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  5. Oh Profile Picture. AlexChance makes them.
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  7. Where did you make the banners?
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  8. Says on your signature, :)
  9. Yeah i noticed after i said it XD
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  10. Yeah thats where I made them it's a really cool website:cool::)
  11. Here is my terrible attempt at art:

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  12. U
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