Could anyone build me this tree farm:

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  1. Well as the title says can anyone build me this or something similar but I would like it to be able to take acacia trees too (well basically all tree types) I am prepared to pay a fair amount, please pm me or post if you can build this. Please dont say you can if you cant its pretty complex and needs a good experienced builder/redstoner.
    Thanks! :)
  2. thanks but I need one for nearly all tree types
  3. That would be impossible, correct me if im wrong. Acacia trees from in such a strange way that its impossible to predict which way the tree will grow making a farm like that very difficult. Most tree farms only work with jungle spruce birch and oak. Dark oak should work as well, just no acacia.
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  4. no I saw one I think sweety had it had loads of acacia logs on the collection part unless she placed them which I highly doubt
  5. i know a design that acacia works with >: D
  6. and you'd love to tell me ;) but I think apocryphan builds them well I've been told
  7. thats the design i was thinking of, lol
  8. I've built and used four different variations of tree harvesters on EMC. One never worked at all. One I had to replace portions of the Redstone because the anti-Sand gen changes Aikar has made affected it.

    The third's Sand elevator got trashed by the 1.5 update. This one was my favorite as I had built two spawning areas side by side and then made it so that the logs merged together into one block. So as the Sand(I actually used Gravel) elevator lifted one set of logs, I would start Bone Mealing on the other or chopping the wood from the collection area.

    I could have fixed it I think and the fourth one stills works, but I just don't bother with them anymore because of the crazy amount of Bone Meal it takes to run one.

    I don't want to discourage you because these can be fun and a good experience to build, and it is possible they have improved, but I found that even when mine worked well that the trade offs between using one of these and just growing trees and chopping them down wasn't great enough to make these more than a novelty.

    I currently plant enough saplings in an open, lit area to grow as fast as I can chop them down and Bone Meal them when I get ahead of them. It's easy to change types, easy on the Bone Meal, and you don't have to worry about jams or updates messing things up.
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  9. apocryphan can do amazing redstone tree farms, he builds them for people.
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  10. Oak is not good for these farms either, I have a farm some what like cube masters and large oak trees will break the leaf smasher. Dark oak needs a 2x2 with four saplings like a large jungle tree to grow, so it would need a farm build just for it.

    And as pab said these are kinda just a novelty, only really good for jungle, spruce and pine tree's. It only speeds up the process a small amount, it is also a fps hog and a bit boring while using it.
  11. 20k, and i engineered it all myself, its comparable to cubehamsters tree eater but it doesnt break from large oak or acacia, it just jockeys it back and forth, would you like a downloadable world to check it out? you could even make it yourself by copying it if you wanted.
  12. is that better than the one you made me a while back? :eek:
  13. yes, back when i made yours this didnt have the leaf crusher, now i already have improved the leaf crusher, i also improved the design i made for you twice, i tried offering you an upgrade once, it still stands
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  14. world download of both my tree farms, i uploaded it 2 months ago so it doesnt have the wither cage on it, but you can find a video by danielkotes for that on youtube, just downlod this folder and unzip it into your save files and then it will appear in singleplayer game listings's Tree Farm'
  15. I will wait until you are done with other peoples tree farms, but then I want to order this new one, but no rush.
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  16. Thanks for sharing:D

    Iv'e all ready broke the leaf crushers twice :p and the block detector at the top of the collection area stops working correctly now and then.

    I'd love to see this with obsidian behind all the pistons, I don't care if it uses a lot of repeaters got lots from my old school one. I need a new one since I was a derp and put a block of tnt in mine, I'll pay you more than 20k to make it unbreakable and build it for me!!! after you current orders of course.
  17. you broke the leaf crushers and block detector twice on mine already? there is obsidian/furnaces already stopping the sand pushers from breaking and i haven't seen the leaf crusher break since the first version and all it did was push one piston back but timing has been adjusted to prevent it

    Pistons get pushed out and brakes the red stone.
  19. mmkay, not sure if texture packs had something to do with it or not, but i can bring the wire out and put obsidian behind it for you, but i hear texture packs cause alot of lag, but ive never used them so i don't know

    edit: try it with the repeaters set to 1 on the leaf crushers, i've been leaving them at 1 on emc and it should be fine, like i said that's 2 months old