*CoughWhydoyouCoughSellitemsthatcougharesoldforfreecougatthepinkpaviloncoughmallcough*? SEREOUSLY?

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  1. The pink pavelon mall sells Ender pearls Paper Sucarcane FOR FREE (smp7)
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  2. No one can read the title.
    [edit] Well i can't cause i am dyslexic
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  3. I can...
  4. It said something like why do you sell stuff that pink pavelon mall sells for free? (with coughs everywhare)
  5. ps the Pink pavelon mall is at smp7 (nuclearbobomb has a shop there)
  6. I think this is the longest title I've seen..
  7. Im dyslexic
  8. I set up a shop on my res, not your res...
  9. I don't quite see the point of having a thread for this. Could you elaborate please?
  10. Tecnically i just said you have a shop on smp7
  11. I can